What to Look for When Shopping Around For Lawn Care Services

What to Look for When Shopping Around For Lawn Care Services

Taking care of a yard isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes hours of physical labor, chemical know how for things like acidity for fertilization, and a basic knowledge of the weather patterns in the local area to see if the grass can even withstand it in the first place. So, it stands to reason that you want to make sure you are looking for a lawn care provider that knows what they are doing. But what meets the criteria for good lawn care service? Here are a few things that you can look out for when selecting someone to take care of your yard.

If It Sounds too Good to Be True It Is

There is truism that everyone who has been around enough advertising knows and takes to heart. “Nothing is perfect.” When someone guarantees that a service is going to be “perfect”or “problem-free” they are essentially making an unsubstantiated claim. And when people make those long enough, it backfires badly.

If they are comfortable enough with you to make an unsubstantiated claim without caring about the consequences, what makes them any less comfortable about ripping you off? You are better off avoiding these people at all cost and find another lawn care service.

Make Sure They have Licensed Technicians that Know What they are Doing

Of course, half of the work in lawn care is brawn. The rest requires a bit of brain. Research a little bit about how the process works. Then, when you are ready to shop around and look at a few lawn care service providers, ask them a couple of questions pertaining to the job. If they are able to answer them in an adequate manner, or are at least willing to do a little research on their own about the topic, they are probably qualified enough for the job.

If they are argumentative, can’t explain their position, or are insistent they are never wrong, they are probably unqualified to take care of your lawn.

Check the Reviews

If you want a third party perspective on a lawn service, ask around. Usually, neighbors will tell you the things they like or don’t like about a service. However, If you want true impartiality, you can always go to the Internet.

Usually, either on their own website, or through a third party review site, the services that are rendered are open for the world to see. Even a small company like Freedom Services will put out their reviews for everyone to see on their own website. If there are no reviews visible in an area or if there are just too many bad reviews chances are you shouldn’t consider them for hire.

Make Sure they Know the Local Area

It is one thing to have someone to mow your grass. It is another thing entirely when you are expecting your lawn getting treated. Each climate has different elements that can either kill or save your lawn. For instance if you live in a wetland, you might have swamp issues, but if you live in a desert you might have dehydration issues instead.

Also, make sure the person that you are trusting to take care of your lawn at least knows what sort of climate they are dealing with or at least how to correct the problems that are unique to where you live.


Why Pay More Instead of Hiring a Freelance Part-Time Cleaning Service?

Whether it’s at work or home, the last thing to come to mind or feel like doing is cleaning. However, maintaining a clean home and business creates a healthy living environment for both your employees and family. It’s not uncommon for homeowners and business owners to think hiring a professional home cleaning service is a total luxury. Most of them consider paying lesser for a freelance cleaner who works part time rather than hire a professional full-time cleaning service. Why would you pay more when you can have the same service from someone working part-time? That’s a valid question, isn’t it?

If you’re contemplating getting someone to help maintain and clean your home, that’s the right thing to do. You don’t have to worry about doing it yourself. Here are some reasons why it’s important to hire a professional cleaning service rather than a freelance part-time maid.


You are right; some jobs are just too tough to handle or there’s usually no time to do them. That doesn’t mean you can hire anyone to take care of your house cleaning needs. While it’s easier to contract and hire freelance part-time cleaners, who are also thought to be a cheaper option, you’re likely to encounter problems in future due to lack of reliability. What happens when something crops up and they can’t be found? Perhaps the cleaner is busy doing some other things. Hiring a professional home cleaning service would mean paying some extra cash but resting assured everything will be taken care of without any problems. In case of any issues, your home cleaning company will be there to help resolve them right away for your peace of mind.


As mentioned, no one likes cleaning. Why would you force yourself into doing or handling a task you hate when you can have someone else do it in a professional and secure manner? Hiring a cleaner isn’t just about cleaning your home. You’re entrusting your home and valuables to a stranger. How well do you know the freelance part-time maid you’re about to hire? Honesty and transparency are key to this job which is why you need to hire a professional company with a governing policy that assures the security of your home.

Professionals Know Best and Have the Best Equipment

Paying more for a professional cleaning company means hiring a diverse pool of skills and the best cleaning equipment for the job. A professional home cleaning company will offer to come with their own cleaning supplies and equipment which means less cleaning time. They may also help you with important information or contacts regarding homer maintenance.

Professionals are Properly Insured

The last thing you want when hiring someone to help with your cleaning is to invite a potential liability claim on your home insurance. But that’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you go ahead and hire a freelance cleaning maid for less money. In the event something happens and they get injured or they damage your property during the cleaning process, you’ll be held responsible for that. Remember they don’t have the necessary insurance. Always make sure you’re working with a professional home cleaning service with proper insurance so you won’t have to be liable should any damage or injuries occur during cleaning.